Patient Participation Group


The Patient Participation Group (PPG) represents your views, and collaborates with the practice to help deliver services that meet your needs.

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About the Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Every registered patient at Didcot Health Centre is entitled to belong to the Patient Participation Group (PPG). 

What does the Patient Participation Group do?

We are:

  • Are a group of volunteers, working in partnership with the practice
  • Represent patients' views and collaborate with the surgery to provide services that reflect what patients want and need, whilst encouraging patients to take responsibility for their own health
  • Promote improved communication between the practice and patients
  • Discuss a range of topics, including staff updates, patient services and health
  • issues
  • Publish their own Newsletter which patients can sign up for. 

A committee of elected PPG members meets every 2 to 3 months in the evening at Didcot Health Centre.

The work of the Patient Participation Group

We have strong and valuable relationships with the other Didcot Patient Participation Group's and the Didcot Primary Care Network (PCN), and we work in partnership on issues affecting all Didcot patients, including developments in local and national NHS services.

We listen to what patients say, but the Patient Participation Group (PPG) isn’t a forum for individual complaints against the Practice, which has its own formal procedure for dealing with complaints. We work with the Practice on Patient Surveys and feedback exercises, to stay in touch with what patients need and to evaluate the effectiveness of improvements made.

Current PPG Committee Members

Patient Representatives

Shelagh Garvey

Andrew Jones

Lesley Powell
Patient Representative

Shirley Goss
Patient Representative

Angela Newlands
Patient Representative

Eleanor Lewiston
Patient Representative

Practice Representatives

Jonathan Gayther
Practice Manager

Gill Suter
Assistant Practice Manager

Become a Patient Participation Group Representative

If you could represent the views of others and would like the opportunity to contribute constructively to local health issues through our Patient Participation Group committee – we never discuss individual matters - please complete our online form below.


PRG Member reading online

Patient Reference Group (PRG)

The Patient Reference Group (PRG) is a group of patients whom we contact from time to time to obtain feedback about the practice. Particularly important is our Patient Survey. Patient Reference Group (PRG) members also receive our newsletter by email. If you wish to join our email consultation group, please tell a Committee member or contact the practice.

Ask to become a Patient Reference Group member

Friends and Family Test

Here at the Didcot Health Centre we are taking part in the Friends and Family Test.

We would like your feedback on the care or treatment we give you any time you visit your GP or have contact with the practice. It doesn’t take long. Put us to the test and tell us what is working and what we can improve. You can say what you think without giving your name and we will use the information to plan improvements to our services. 

Complete the Friends and Family Test


Patient Survey

The Patient Participation Group's patient survey is important to us. It is a very effective way for us to gauge patient satisfaction and to help us identify some of the ways we might better support our patients. Our Patient Participation Group Committee developed our Patient Survey to find out what patients know, or want to know, about the sources of help available. The survey is now closed, but please check back again to see the results soon.