​Summary Care Record (SCR)

The NHS in England now stores every patient's information electronically in a Summary Care Record (SCR). It is a copy of key information held in your GP record that includes past and present conditions, current medications and  any allergies that you have. This provides authorised healthcare staff with faster, secure access to essential information about you - especially helpful when you need unplanned care elsewhere or when your GP practice is closed. Confidential access to this information will improve the safety and quality of the care you receive.

You can choose to have an SCR, or you can choose to opt out.

If you choose to have a Summary Care Record and are registered with Didcot Health Centre, you do not need to do anything; a SCR will have been created for you. However if you choose to opt out you need to let us know by filling in and returning the opt-out form. This will ensure that your record is not shared with other NHS services.

Please click below to download the opt-out form.

SCR opt-out form

For more information about this new system please visit HSCIS website or click on the leaflet below:

NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) Leaflet