Patient and practice responsibilities

Practice aims and responsibilities

Our professional staff are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for our patients through hard work and excellent clinical judgement, with dignity and respect. We aim to use all resources available to us to be as fair, inclusive, and supportive as we can to our patients, as well as our staff.

Our aims are:

  • To treat our patients as we would wish our own families and friends to be treated through the care we give with respect, integrity, and confidentiality

  • To provide a complete primary care service to our community by promoting a healthy lifestyle, enabling speedy diagnosis, through considered, evidence-based treatment

  • To monitor the provision of the primary care services we offer and to seek to involve patients in this process

  • To deliver the most appropriate care to each patient based on their clinical need, whether by a nurse, doctor or other local practitioner, or by referral elsewhere

  • To use all available resources wisely and efficiently to achieve the maximum level of care for our practice population

  • To ensure a safe environment for the delivery of our services

  • That our staff never to cease to learn so that we improve the services we offer, and through our role as a training practice to share that learning with others.

We expect that our patients:

  • Are courteous at all times to our doctors, nurses and administrative staff

  • Keep appointments that have been booked

  • Inform us as early as possible if you are going to be late for an appointment

  • Inform us as early as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment so that it can be released for another patient

  • Inform us of all changes of address, telephone number, name

  • Pay any fees and charges due at the time that the service is provided (or in advance, if requested)

  • Provide documentary evidence for any entitlement to free prescriptions when this is requested by a member of staff

  • Provide documentary evidence if requested before we authorise any access to your record, including to request repeat prescriptions online.

Zero Tolerance

A Zero Tolerance Policy towards violence, threatening and abusive behaviour is now in place throughout the NHS. The staff at the practice have a right to carry out their work in an environment free from such behaviour.

The practice does not tolerate violence or aggression. A patient committing an act of violence or aggression will be reported to the police and he/she will be removed from our list of patients. Abusive patients may also be removed from our list of patients. Therefore all patients are asked to be courteous to all staff at all times.