GP Training

We are proud to be recognised as having achieved the high standards required for the training of young GPs. These qualified doctors – GP Registrars – have extensive hospital experience and intend to make general practice their specialist career. They join the practice for six months or a year to gain more experience in general practice. Foundation Year 2 doctors, who are fully qualified and have spent a year working in a hospital setting, join the practice for a period of four months while deciding their future career path. At times, medical (4th and 5th year) will also be attached to the practice.

During their time with us these doctors become an integral part of the practice team and an invaluable resource for patients. We believe that achieving and maintaining training practice status enhances the quality of the medical care that we provide. It also enables patients to see a wider range of clinicans whilst allowing the surgery to benefit from the fresh ideas and approaches brought by young enthusiastic doctors. You can of course still elect to see your chosen regular doctor but sometimes this may require you to plan your appointment.

We have been training practice for many years and the feedback from patients regarding our registrars has been overwhelmingly positive. We believe this is an essential part of our commitment to developing high quality, future general practice.

What difference will this make to you?

On occasions our GPs and clinicians hold joint surgeries or carry out home visits with a GP Registrar or Student. Sometimes you will see the GP Registrar instead of (or as well as) your own GP. If so, we will advise you of this when you book an appointment. Initially, appointments with a GP Registrar or Foundation Year 2 doctor may take longer than with a GP.


These students are going through a very important part of their medical training and your co-operation is extremely valuable and much appreciated.  However, no intrusion on the privacy of the consultation will take place against the wishes of the patient.


Video recordings

For teaching purposes, some consultations may be video recorded. These recordings will only be viewed by doctors and are destroyed within one year. You will always be asked to give written permission both before and at the end of the consultation. No examinations will be recorded. Please do say if you would prefer not to be filmed - this will not reflect in any way upon the care we give you.

Our GP Registrar is Dr Katy Liddell (female clinician)