Employed by Oxfordshire Health NHS Foundation Trust, District Nurses give care and treatment to housebound patients. They assess patients’ needs and give advice and support to relatives caring for the sick and disabled. They are registered nurses with additional specialist training with a wide range of skills and knowledge. They provide care to patients in Oxfordshire who have specific needs that can be met by the specialist skills of the District Nursing team.

District Nurses may…

  • Provide your nursing care within your home or another community setting, for example a day centre
  • Arrange for your care to be shared with your GP, Practice Nurse or other health professional. This may mean that you will need to attend your GP practice or health centre to receive your care
  • Transfer you to an alternative service that is more appropriate for you.

District Nurse support includes...

  • Help for housebound patients with long term conditions and illnesses
  • Palliative and end of life care
  • Wound management, for example post-operative wounds or leg ulcers
  • Rehabilitation following surgery, disability, accident or illness
  • Promotion of self-care through education, including for carers
  • Promotion of continence and assessment of continence problems for referral to the Community Bladder and Bowel Service
  • Health promotion, advice and support.

Call the District Nursing team through Reception or directly on 01235 515520. Find out more from Oxfordshire Health’s Community Nursing website, or see their leaflet (right).