Confidentiality and Privacy

We take our responsibility to protect information about you very seriously. Staff are given access to your medical record at a level required by their role, and any to the system is traceable through their individual log in. All staff, regardless of their level of access to medical records, are bound by our staff confidentiality agreement.

If you are over 16 then your doctor will not discuss your medical health with any family member without your permission. If you are a concerned relative then please seek this consent. You may still talk to a doctor if you have concerns about a relative, but this will be to provide information only.

Confidentiality is just as important an issue for young people. If a child under 16 years is fully competent to understand and make informed consent regarding their own health problems, information about that child’s medical health or history may not be released to a parent, legal guardian or teacher. You can read more in our Confidentiality Policy Regarding Teenagers. Ask at Reception to look at the Patient Information folder where you will find a copy.

If you would like to talk to a receptionist or other member of staff away from the front desk, please let a receptionist know. She will arrange for you to speak privately to a member of staff in a private room next to Reception.

Sometimes we need to keep data for reasons such as to help protect the wider public health, to monitor our services, for staff training, or to aid research. We always remove identifiable information from such data so that it is anonymous. You can find out more about how NHS England handles patient information as part of the programme by going to We have also published a leaflet on this which you can download here, or ask for a copy from Reception.

We will always seek your consent before issuing any report or information to insurance companies, employers, or legal professionals.

Practice Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice explains why we collect your information and how that information may be used. Under the Data Protection Act 1998 we must ensure that your personal confidential data (PCD) is handled in ways that are transparent and that you would reasonably expect.

You can read our Privacy Notice in full here.

Further information

As well as viewing online or downloading these documents, you can read any of them in our Patient Information folder. Please ask at Reception if you would like to see this.

Confidentiality policy

How we use your medical records - a notice for patients

IT/Electronic patient records policy

Practice privacy notice