​Women's HealthCervical Smears 

Available with the Practice Nurses for all patients aged 25 to 64 years (25 to 49 years every 3 years, and 50 to 64 years every 5 years) by appointment. 

Our doctors and nurses are able to offer confidential contraceptive advice.
Oral & Injectable Contraception: All doctors and specialist nurses provide this service.
Coils (IUD/IUS) & The Contraception Implant (Implanon): Please ask the receptionist which doctor or nurse can offer this service for you.

See below for more information on different types of contraception.


Weight Management
Many people worry about their weight for one reason or another. Our Nurses and Doctors can advise on Weight Management and can offer information on local schemes including Exercise and Weight management programmes. 

Breast Screening 
Leaflets on self examination are available from the Practice Nurse or your GP. Ladies aged 50 – 74 are routinely called by the Breast Screening service every 5 years.