Booking an appointment

If you need a routine or follow-up appointment, a receptionist can book this for you. Once you register for online services, a limited number of appointments are available to book online.

If you have a medical problem that you feel needs a doctor's advice the same day, our Telephone Consultation service has been designed to ensure that when you need urgent attention you get it quickly.

Telephone consultations - how they work

When you phone us
A receptionist will take your name and ask for the best number to reach you on. This doesn't have to be at home, but can be a mobile or work number if you prefer.

The doctors have asked our receptionists to get an indication of the problem. You don't have to answer these questions, but it helps the doctor to decide who needs to be contacted most urgently, and the information is very helpful when calling you back. We will always respect your privacy and anything you do tell us will be kept confidential.

When a doctor phones you back
The doctor will call to discuss your problem and together you can discuss the best way forward. You may just need advice, over-the-counter medication, or a face to face consultation with a GP, nurse, or health care assistant.

The doctor will book an appointment if you need one.

How does a telephone consultation service help patients?

  • By giving you access to the doctor on the same day when you need it most
  • It cuts down on waiting times at the surgery
  • It could save you a trip to the surgery when you may just need advice
  • By reducing the number of missed appointments, leaving more free for those who really need them