​Mother and Baby

Maternity Care
If you are planning a pregnancy, please call your doctor for advice on pre-conception health including blood testing for rubella immunity.

(find out whether there are baby/antenatal clinics- pregnancy packs etc???)

Post Natal Checks
Post natal checks are done 6 to 8 weeks after delivery and are performed at the same time as your baby’s 6 week check. These will be carried out by your doctor and need to be booked in advance.

Child Immunisations
The first baby immunisations are due at the age of 8 weeks (after the 6 week check-up has been done).

For more information about he ages vaccines should be given and the diseases they protect against, please ask the practice nurse or a health visitor or alternatively visit the NHS immunisation website.  

Maternity and Babies’Health

Children’s Health