​Feeling Under the Weather?

A new campaign called 'The earlier, the better' has been launched to encourage people to seek help early from their local pharmacist if they’re feeling under the weather.

The campaign urges older people to seek early advice from their pharmacist or from NHS Choices for minor winter illnesses before they develop into something worse.

If you're over 60 and feeling unwell, it's best to get help as soon as possible.Whether it's a chesty cough, trouble breathing, a cold or sore throat, you can get advice in person from your local pharmacist or online at www.nhs.uk/asap.

Your local pharmacist is fully qualified to provide health advice. No problem is too small - your pharmacist wants to help. Early advice is the best advice.

The campaign aims to reduce pressure on the NHS urgent and emergency care system during the winter of 2014/15. Its focus is to influence changes in pubic behaviour, whilst also raising awareness, to help reduce the number of elderly and frail people requiring emergency admissions through urgent and emergency care services, particularly A &E departments, with illness that could have been effectively managed through earlier access to health advice and self-care information from community pharmacy services or NHS choices. The campaign therefore has a clear call to action to seek advice early from a local pharmacist.